LVL Lash Lift

LVL stands for Length, Volume & Lift. The LVL lash treatment is low maintenance with high impact! LVL lashes are a great alternative to eyelash extensions. Natural lashes are shaped and curled to give you noticeably thicker and longer lashes.

The great thing about LVL lashes is that it suits everyone. Straight lashes can be beautifully curled to create a more feminine look, medium lashes are transformed creating long fluttery lashes & short lashes can be lifted so that the whole lash is visible creating length and definition.

The treatment is wonderfully low maintenance, LVL includes a lash tint and combined with the lift creates the look of wearing mascara for around 4-6 weeks. Say goodbye to panda eyes!

LVL lashes are great if you’re looking to enhance your own natural lashes without the upkeep of semi-permanent lashes and lash extensions. The treatment will last around 4 – 6 weeks during which a tint is recommended to keep your lash lift looking fresh.

The treatment is very comfortable and takes place with both eyes closed. Shields are placed upon closed eyelids and the lashes are lifted onto it, this provides the fabulous new shape where you can see the full length of the lashes. The shields come in varying sizes and will be expertly chosen by considering, bone structure, lifestyle, lash length and intensity of the desired lift.

At Ora Prive Edinburgh, we offer a range of Nouveau products to take care of your lash health at home, and make sure you are given the best home-care and after-care advise.

LVL Lashes - Price List

LVL Lash Lift - Upper Lashes (60 mins)£69
LVL Lash Lift with Tinted Lower Lashes (75 mins)£74

“I think every girl should have LVL lashes. It really is a treatment that suits everyone. No matter the type of lashes.”

Nadine – Ora Privé

LVL lash lift is a wonderful low maintenance treatment, however, we can offer you some advice to keep those lashes looking gorgeous until your next lash lift appointment.

For the first 48 hours:

  • Please do not allow your eyelashes to get wet, keep them away from the showerhead and be careful when cleansing around the area.
  • Steam could also affect your eyelashes, so avoid steamy baths, showers, saunas and swimming during this time.
  • Avoid mascara and try not to let any makeup migrate onto the lashes.
  • Be careful not to change the shape of the lashes when sleeping, cleansing or using contact.

After 48 hours:

  • Use our lash and brow serum to extend the longevity of your lash lift and promotes strong and healthy lashes, its also a great primer under your mascara.
  • We recommend that you avoid any oily products around the area, Mascara and eye make up remover by Nouveau are oil-free and perfect for your LVL lashes.
  • If your eyelashes get wet then please use your complimentary mascara wand to curl and separate lashes back into shape.
  • Avoid eyelash curlers or any perming ( you won’t need them!) Return to the salon after 3 weeks for a lash tint, this can freshen up the look of your LVL and darken your lashes again.
  • Take lots and lots of credit for having such stunning, gorgeous eyelashes!

LVL Lashes FAQ’s

This treatment lifts the natural lashes onto specially shaped shields which are placed over the closed eyelids. When the process is complete the shields are removed with no discomfort.
The treatment will take approximately 1 hour and includes a colour wash tint applied to the upper lashes.
No, the LVL treatment uses specially formulated ingredients which are gentle yet effective. We follow strict guidelines on the LVL procedure which has been tried and tested. We use a Nourishing serum on the lashes after every LVL treatment to ensure lashes are left soft and conditioned.
No, usually clients fall asleep! You will be given a choice of pillow and music to ensure your comfort during the process, a cosy blanket will be placed over you and the bed will be heated to your desired temperature.
The lifetime of the lashes is different on everybody and are always growing and shedding, It will take up the 6 weeks before the effect to grows out and the process can be repeated.

LVL is a natural treatment and requires no maintenance at the salon or at home. We do suggest an eyelash tint after 2-3 weeks to refresh the colour and enhance the lashes between treatments.

An LVL Lash Lift Patch test is required:

  • If you have never had an LVL Lash Lift at Ora Privé.
  • If it has been more than 6 months since your last LVL Lash Lift treatment at Ora Privé.
  • Your medical conditions have changed in any way (inc. Covid 19 & Covid 19 vaccination) since your last LVL Lash Lift treatment at Ora Privé.
  • You would like an LVL Lash Lift Patch Test required for any reason.
  • The patch test required should be carried out 48 hours before the day of your treatment.
  • The patch test must be carried out in-salon by a trained therapist.

Unfortunately, we cannot carry out the treatment if your pregnant. If an allergy should occur the appropriate medicine would not be able to be administered and may lead to complications.