Innovative Eyebrow Tinting

Our Henna Tint from Henna Brows International is the next generation in brow tinting. Enjoy bespoke colour created especially for you from our 7 natural shades. Blendable and natural, long-lasting – discover the power of Henna.

Everyone knows the importance of good brows. It feels so good to have perfectly groomed eyebrows and that is why we have introduced Henna brow treatment to our brow repertoire. Henna brow tint is revolutionary and will change how we look after our brows. Henna brow tint actually helps brows to flourish as it contains no harsh chemicals which can sometimes affect the hair growth. As well as helping your brows, the tint lasts twice as long as conventional brow tint and that means amazing looking brows for longer!

Unlike traditional tinting, Henna colour wraps around the hair with a long-lasting coating. This coating seals in moisture and helps the hair remain flexible. The versatile nature of the product means it can be used even on sensitive skin, during pregnancy and nursing mums.

Henna comes from the leaves of a plant known as Lawsonia inermis. The coloured Henna comes in a powder which is then mixed with a little purified water to create a blend. This blend is used to create shape and define your brows.

This versatile product can be used to create a range of looks. Ombre brows are created within minutes using a custom blend colour. Tinting the Brow area creates fullness and definition to sparse eyebrows. Pared with a wax, Henna balances and redefines shape, framing the face and accentuating natural beauty with colour lasting from 4 – 6 weeks.

The treatment will start with an in-depth consultation to find your perfect colour, we will then blend the colour and apply very carefully to create your perfect shape. The tint will be left on for a time dependant upon your desired result, hair and skin type. The excess tint is then removed and et voila! beautiful bespoke brows with a long-lasting, silky colour, which lasts 4 – 6 weeks!

It’s time to take tinting to the next level – Find your Brow Power with Henna Brows.

Henna Brows - Price List

Henna Brows Tint (30 mins)£44
Henna Brows Tint & Shape Intro (45 mins)£34
Henna Brows Tint & Shape (45 mins)£49
Henna Brows Tint & Shape with Lash Tint (60 mins)£69
Henna Brows Tint & Shape with LVL Lash Lift (90 mins)£99
Henna Brows & LVL Lash Lift with Lower Lash Tint (90 mins)£104

Why Choose Henna Brows?

  • No Harsh Chemicals
  • 4-6 weeks of colour
  • Helps hair remain flexible
  • Plant based, natural & Vegan friendly
  • 7 colours which can be custom blended
  • Create Ombre brows
  • Create fuller defined brows
  • Fills in sparse areas
  • Covers white/grey hairs effectively
  • Refreshes pigment in cosmetic tattoo
  • Safe during pregnancy (after 1st trimester)

Henna Brow FAQ's

Henna can hold on your skin for around 7 days and hold onto the hair for around 4 -6 weeks!

Yes, unlike conventional eyebrow tints, Henna tint surrounds and coats the shaft of brow hairs. Wave goodbye to greys.

Henna tint contains no ammonia or lead and can actually promote your eyebrow growth instead of hindering its growth with harsh chemicals.

Henna tint is naturally plant based and Vegan.

We have 7 natural shades to choose from and these can be blended to create a custom colour or ombre colour especially for you.

Yes! pregnant and nursing mums can have this treatment after their first trimester.

Yes, a patch test if required 48 hours before every Henna Brow treatment and will not go ahead without it under any circumstances.

Patch tests can be carried out in salon 48 hours prior to the treatment or a kit can be picked up or posted out (instructions included) for a small charge, so you can patch test in the comfort of your own home. A patch test for the next time will be provided at each consecutive treatment.

We take the health of our clients very seriously.

Yes! Henna can stain the skin under your hairs and in the perfect shape to create the illusion of fuller, defined brows.

No, we will always start with an in-depth consultation to determine, colour, shape & style so that we blend a colour to suit you and that you will love.

Yes, Henna is particularly good for refreshing eyebrow tattooing and microblading.

We recommend every 4 – 6 weeks to keep the colour looking fresh.

  • Clients in their first trimester of pregnancy cannot have the treatment but can do in their 2nd and 3rd trimester
  • Clients taking Roaccutane can have the treatment, but no waxing can take place – can tweeze the brows instead
  • Clients using any AHA, Vitamin A products over the brow area cannot have waxing as these products thin the skin
  • No clients under 16
  • Under 18 with parental consent