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How to look after your brows between appointments

Once you have experienced your first HD Brow treatment and you have taken the first steps on your HD Brow journey, happy in the knowledge that your brows are now in the hands of your HD Brow artist, it is important to look after your brows between appointments.

“Many clients will say to me “my brows now belong to you” this is music to my ears as I know my clients trust me with their brows and they know I will do my best to create beautiful brows on every visit.”

– Nadine Ramsay – Ora Privé

Sometimes Clients brows require a little extra perseverance and attention on the journey to the perfect brows. Its important to work with the brow artist and communicate through out the process. The focus is your happiness and that is what we aim to achieve.

After every appointment you will be sent your after care and home care advice. It is important to follow your aftercare advice to avoid any issues post treatment, protect your skin, and get the best possible result. If any issues do occur, then it is vital to contact your therapist or if required seek medical advice.

Aftercare Advice

  • Avoid exercise or excessive sweating for 24h.
  • Avoid saunas, steam rooms or swimming for 24h.
  • It’s ok to have a bath or shower within 24 hours of your treatment but please make sure you use tepid water.
  • Avoid any makeup or other products on the face for 24h.
  • Avoid the application of Fake tan (professional or Home tan) for 24h.
  • Avoid facials for 24h.
  • Wash hands before touching the face.
  • Allow 4 days after your appointment before starting to resume your exfoliating routine.

In the time between appointments, you will be asked to carry out home care. Home care means the brows will be in great shape for your next appointment and bring you faster results. We will advise you on a bespoke programme to suit you and your lifestyle and we can recommend Make up and brow, lash & skincare products to bring out the best in your brows.

Homecare Advice

  • Moisturise your skin daily.
  • Wear daily SPF.
  • Avoid prolonged exposure to UV as this can cause tint fade.
  • Avoid tweezing in between appointments.
  • Use HD Brows growth maximiser daily if following a regrowth programme.
  • Use hair minimiser to avoid too much hair growth between appointments.
  • Use tint lock serum to extend the life of your tint.
  • Use recommended products by your therapist to achieve best results.

By following the correct homecare and after care advice and keep good communication with your brow stylist, your brows will soon be the brows you always wanted. If your thinking of HD brows and want more information then why not book a free online consultation. The consultation s a great starting point and will give you all the advice and preparation you need to take the first steps to HD Brow heaven.