Happy Summer Skin

I always feel that my purpose is helping your skin to look and feel its best. I don’t like banding around “anti-ageing”. Okay, premature damage to the skin is something we like to try to reverse or avoid but ageing is wonderful in my book and something to be celebrated! I’m also not really into “perfect” skin either, perfectly air-brushed glossy images would make you believe that skin should be flawless, but guess what, it doesn’t exist! Skin is a living breathing organ of the body, it has function and it has purpose, pores, hair, sebum, freckles, lines, and wrinkles, they are all part of it.

What I want to do for you is help you feel YOUR best, fill YOU with confidence and have YOU happy in your own skin.

So here are a few of my tips for fresh, healthy, happy skin for all ages.

Skin tip 1 – APPLY, APPLY, APPLY

Yes we live in Scotland and may not be the best at applying sunscreen but this little gem is so easy to do as part of your usual routine. If like me you are always multitasking and enjoy products that do the same, find an SPF tinted moisturiser or foundation which also looks after your skin health and addresses any concerns you may have.

No pictures please! Don’t leave the house without your sunnies, this has to be one of the best ways to block damage to the eye lenses from the sun’s ultraviolet and UV rays. Invest in a quality pair which will protect and add a little glam to your day.

Nadine 🖤’s ClinicCare Dermo Corrective CC cream SPf 50  £44


Collagen regeneration is a natural process that happens within our cellular activity without noticing until it starts to slow down. This usually occurs in our late 20’s – early 30’s slowly at first and then gradually increases. Skin science has come up with fantastic ways to promote natural increases in cellular activity within the dermis meaning we can increase collagen production. A top-up treatment once or twice a month would help maintain collagen levels.

Nadine 🖤’s Meta therapy (microneedle/mesotherapy) £89

Nadine 🖤’s Skinade Collagen drink £115 for 1 month supply


Did I mention SPF? Yes, ok then, Starting a solid skincare regime and wearing SPF at an early age really does create the best foundation for truly healthy skin later in life. I’d also suggest re-assessing your skincare regime every so often. As your lifestyle and your body change your skin requirements will change, hormones’, stress and other factors all play a part in how our skin will look and feel. If you’re late joining the party, it’s never too late to begin your skincare journey.

Nadine 🖤’s Skin Discovery & Analysis facial £49


Good quality sleep is a must, refrain from blue light emitting devices for a few hours whilst winding down, (blue light is also known to be the cause of premature ageing) Simply sleeping on your back can reduce fine lines & wrinkles appearing, I love my satin pillow slips which look after my skin and hair, look out for eco-friendly bamboo versions too.

Enjoying a balanced diet with mostly whole, plant-based food will keep your body and skin healthy too. Drinking water to stay hydrated will mean a better night’s sleep. When we get the right kind of restful sleep and the right nutrition then our body can repair and work at optimum levels, this means fighting free radical cells which can harm the skin, other organs and all over the body, cause disease & malfunctions.

Sounds easy enough right? But I know the fast-paced world we live in makes it quite difficult to live this kind of life, finding the BALANCE is the key.

Nadine 🖤’s TIME BLOCK Night & day supplements capsules £239 for 2 month supply.


We blink around 14,400 – 19,200 times a day so it’s not surprising that this area is the number 1 concern for my clients. There are many eye creams on the market which are “specifically” designed for this area but be careful with this and always check your ingredients, it may just be another version of your moisturiser, in a smaller (sometimes more expensive) bottle. Choose an eye cream with super powers, targeted specifically for YOUR concern.

Nadine 🖤’s Cebelia Eye Brightening – Pigmentation £29

Nadine 🖤’s Cebelia L.C.E Regard – dark circles (vascular) fine lines £21

If your eye area is needing a little extra help then there are treatments to remove excess crepey skin atop eyelids and around the eye area ( as well as other areas) – Plasma Fibroblast is a successful way to reduce this excess skin without the costly and extreme blepharoplasty treatments. A consultation is always required and 1-2-3 treatments may be needed for optimum results

Nadine 🖤’s Plasma Fibroblast Upper eyelid treatment £240

Hope you enjoyed reading my skincare tips, Hope to see you in the salon soon.

Nadine Ora x