Edinburgh fibroblast offer winter 2021

Plasma Elite Fibroblast Winter Offer

£100 discount when booking upper-eyelid or under-eye fibroblast treatment with smile lines throughout winter. Give your eyes an extra wow factor!

The area above and under the eyes can become loose, crepy & wrinkly over time. Smile lines can be seen coming from the corners of the eyes when laughing and smiling. These lines are caused by natural expressions, UV exposure and the loss of collagen and elastin.

These areas can be successfully treated by tightening loose crepy skin with plasma fibroblast. As well as the tightening effect of the skin, the procedure encourages cell rejuvenation resulting in a fresh, youthful appearance.
Use discount code PLASMA100 to book your under-eye & smile lines or upper eyelid with smile lines treatment with Ora Privé – Brow & Skin Clinic Edinburgh.

*Conditions apply *Medical conditions apply *No alternative area can be taken instead *Time limited offer; October 2021 – March 2022.