Ecotastic Not Plastic

Ecotasctic Not Plastic

Working in the beauty industry, I’m so fortunate to love the job I do. Every day I meet the most amazing men & women and hear incredible stories. We laugh, we cry, we put the world to rights and hopefully you leave feeling refreshed, relaxed, and with a little spring in your step.

Part of my focus is also to bring you treatments or carry out treatments in as much of an eco-friendly way as possible. The beauty industry contributes heavily to single-use plastics and with the added Covid safety measure the use of disposables has increased dramatically.

Here are some of the ways we are helping combat waste, use of plastic, and reduce our carbon footprint at Ora Privé – Brow & Skin Clinic.

🚮 Biodegradable aprons

🚮 Biodegradable bin liners

🚮 Biodegradable gloves

🐼 Sustainable (Bamboo) single-use items

🌍 Fairtrade organic Cotton wool

🌍 Fairtrade Paper Cotton buds

❤️ Zero parabens

❤️ Never tested on animals

🌿 Vegan products

🌿 Vegan services (we always try to use vegan products in our treatments wherever possible)

♻️ Recyclable couch roll

♻️ Recyclable Face Masks

💚 Choosing suppliers with zero carbon/carbon tax paid

✅ Choosing suppliers who are local

✅ Choosing suppliers with Eco-friendly credentials

✅ Choosing green energy providers.

💯 Almost 100% Paperless business.

🗑 Local waste recycling paper & plastic items.

I am honoured to perform treatments that not only boost confidence but also help people feel happy, relaxed, and ready to face the world!  We will always strive to make the best choice for you and for the planet, by choosing eco-friendly, recyclable, vegan, fair trade and sustainable because after all, today’s beauty shouldn’t cost the earth tomorrow.

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