DermaplanE Exfoliating Facials

Dermaplane facials have been the best kept secret by the Hollywood elite for years! Starlets Marylin Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor have been known to have been big fans of the Dermaplane treatment helping to keep their skin looking soft, smooth and ready for those close ups.

Want healthier brighter skin?

This relaxing treatment uses a surgical scalpel to remove dirt, debris and skin cells from the outermost layer or the epidermis. This deep exfoliation leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth with no down time.

Unlike other abrasive exfoliations the Dermaplane facial is very gentle and relaxing. We use no harsh chemicals to remove dead skin and oils so the treatment is much kinder to the skin. Did we mention it also removes vellus hairs from the skin?

Removing the vellus hairs from your skin means that foundation will sit perfectly on the skin and your make up will look flawless. By removing vellus hairs from the skin we also increase absorption qualities of your daily skincare by 40%.

Over time with regular Dermaplane treatments the skin will increase cell turnover this helps to treat fine lines, wrinkles and light acne scarring, keeping the skin fresh, clean and with a youthful glow.

Dermaplaning - Prices

Dermaplaning Express Facial (45 mins)£59
Dermaplaning Luxury Facial (60 mins)£69
Dermaplaning Luxury Facial + LED Light Therapy (60 mins)£79
Dermaplaning Ultimate Facial (60 mins)£79
Dermaplaning Ultimate Facial + LED Light Therapy (60 mins)£89
Dermaplaning - Zero Fuzz Given


  • Non invasive
  • Can treat fine lines and wrinkles
  • Can treat mild acne scarring
  • Removes rough, dry skin
  • Helps treat mild pigmentation
  • Prevents future pigmentation
  • Suitable during pregnancy (not 1st trimester)


  • Increases skincare penetration by 40%
  • Smoother makeup application
  • Face appears slimmer
  • Softer & Smoother skin
  • Can be carried out every 4 weeks
  • Increases cell turnover
  • Removes vellus hair

What happens during the Dermaplaning treatment?

During the treatment the skin is prepared by cleansing and toning. A consultation and evaluation of the skin will indicate which skincare range will be used during the treatment. You will be asked to lie back and enjoy the treatment as a fine scalpel is slowly and precisely moved over every area to be treated. The 1st pass will remove vellus hair and debris. The 2nd pass will remove dead skin cells. During a Luxury Dermaplane treatment your therapist will then apply a deeply cleansing Enyme Peel to the freshly exfoliated skin. These enzymes eat up any remaining dead skin cells to create a polished look. A deeply soothing and nourishing botanical sheet mask is applied to the face as you enjoy a scalp, hand or foot massage. Finally we apply a rich Hyaluronic and/or Vitamin C serum to complete the Dermaplane facial.

Dermaplaning FAQ's

Dermaplaning is a treatment that exfoliates the epidermis and removes Vellus hair.

Dermaplaning can create scraping, nicking and/or abrading of the skin.

Some patients may experience redness, irritation, dryness, post-treatment acne flares or folliculitis.

Dermaplaning is a very relaxing treatment. The blade should feel very gentle at all times.

Dermaplane uses a fine surgical scalpel held at a 45-degree angle.

Some clients may experience redness post-treatment depending on skin sensitivity.

Dermaplane Express is 45 mins, Dermaplane luxe is 1 hour.

We use Clinical Solutions for use in our Dermaplane treatments.

Cleanser, toner, enzyme peel, sheet mask, hyaluronic acid & vitamin C serums.

This treatment should not be carried out less than 3 – 4 weeks apart.

We would not recommend this treatment for clients with very oily skin, inflamed acne, or who have an allergy to nickel.

Yes! The treatment is very gentle and can be enjoyed through pregnancy (after 1st trimester) and nursing.

The products we use in this treatment are 100% natural & Vegan.

Many clients are often concerned that the hair will grow back heavier and darker after Dermaplaning; this is not the case. Hair will grow back at the same rate and texture as before the treatment.

This type of hair develops in childhood and covers most areas of the skin. These hairs are thin, light & short, and mostly transparent or fair.

Terminal hairs are dark, usually accompanied by a sebaceous gland, and are affected by hormones, vellus hairs are light, found without sebaceous glands are not affected by hormones.

These should be removed prior to Dermaplaning.

Vellus hair will grow back naturally between 4 – 6 weeks.

Medical Conditions – Please read before booking your consultation

Dermaplane is very safe and suitable for most people however there are certain medical conditions that may not be suitable for treatment.

Contraindications are medical reasons which we need to know about before we can begin your treatment.

  • Contraindications may require the treatment be augmented or changed.
  • Contraindications may impede the success of the treatment.
  • Contraindications may deem it dangerous for the treatment to go ahead.
  • Insulin dependent Diabetic (GP’s letter).
  • Cancer (GP’s letter).
  • Recent injectables, acidic peels, operations or surgery (needs medical approval).
  • Acne – depending on severity.
  • Moles – work around.
  • Hypersensitive skin e.g. sunburn.
  • 1st trimester of pregnancy.
  • Extremely thin skin.
  • Infectious skin condition / disease.
  • Allergy to nickel or stainless steel.
  • Auto-immune disease (Lupus, Addisons disease, Graves disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis).
  • Cold sores.
  • Fresh bruising, cuts & abrasions.
  • Recent scarring under 3 months.
  • Undiagnosed lumps and bumps.
  • Blood thinners  (Axiban, Diabigatran, Heparin, Rivaroxaban, Warfarin).
  • Acne Medicine (Roaccutane).
  • Steroid based medications.
  • Skin conditions such as Eczema, Psoriasis on face.