Browsculpt treatment equipment

Browsculpt – Another eyebrow treatment?

Yes, who would have thought we could possibly be doing even more with our eyebrows! First, we had tinting, shaping, yes, we all know the joys of a good wax or threading and the pitfalls of too much plucking and tweezing at home (why did we do that?) Then came the professional salon brow treatments – Henna brows & HD brows which we know and love (how did we manage before?). Now when we finally think we have our brow game down they give us brow lamination, also known as fluffy brows or feathered brows.

Brushed up brows are having a fashion moment and can be seen adorning models in the high fashion mags and on the faces of the young and trendy. Originating in Russia, brow lamination has been growing steadily in popularity for the last few years. It’s a look that has the jury divided and I personally think if you can carry it off then go for it, I would never knock anyone who wants their eyebrows to stand out from the crowd. Brow lamination allows the stylist to sculpt these brows up and out giving a groomed brushed up appearance and those high fashion statement brows.

The clever people behind HD Brows – High definition beauty, have taken this lamination process and created a somewhat more user-friendly version. HD Browsculpt encompasses the high precision HD Brow treatment and the lamination process in 1 appointment. As a professional brow stylist I can see how the treatment would work for many of my clients who are seeking a rather more groomed uniformed appearance to their brows and some clients going for a toned down version of the brushed up brow for a glamourize look. The beauty of the HD Browsculpt treatment is that after lamination the hairs can still move around, unlike other treatments where the brows are literally stuck in place.

HD Browsulpt manages to flatten and straighten the hairs into a desired shape with an effect that lasts around 6 – 8 weeks, by doing so we can cover sparse areas, hide patchy areas, add definition, tame unruly hairs, create uniformity, manage direction of hair growth. Add symmetry and balance, the list goes on…

HD Browsculpt will be a great addition to the brow treatments we already have at Ora. I can see HD Brow Sculpt playing a big part in many client’s brow journey with me. Whether we are looking for a volumizing and lifting treatment or a correcting treatment, HD Brow Sculpt is taking our brows to a whole new level of perfection and certainly is a treatment that is here to stay!