I have to say this is by far my favourite time of year.. memories of those warm summer nights, of sun kissed shoulders and late-night cocktails. Long walks along the sand, glorious sunsets and picnics in the park fade away, give way… to the thoughts of days ahead, of Wintertime – the promise of cold, crisp days, snowflakes, gift giving. The wondrous lights of twinkling stars and frosty mornings ahead.
A single leaf drops and so it begins.

I will always find my inner child marvelling as leaves begin to change colour and fall. Kicking the leaves was a fun way to get to school and is a memory rekindled with every falling leaf. The smell of bonfires, the sound of the crackling wood and the intensity of the embers against the night skies.

Nature is at its finest, in full bloom showing the ferocity of colour and generosity of seed, fruit and flower in these last moments before the natural course of time spreads a wintry blanket over them and the wintry slumber begins.

I sense an urgency in Autumn, a sense that we must be ready , the lazy summer days are over, and the gathering begins, the preparation for times ahead. The need to be thoughtful in our actions, to reflect and adjust direction to face into the wind and move

Every ray of sunshine, every blue sky, every hour of light is appreciated, admired, and revered for the beauty of light becomes dark, for a while anyway and I think that is what I love the most.

The transition months of Autumn and Spring are and always will be a time of reflection and renewal. In the Spring Nature bursts into life and that which has been sleeping reawakens with a new sense of purpose and vigour. As though a magic spell was broken – Perhaps the magic spell was cast in Autumn.

I breath and I reflect in Autumn. I pause and I watch the leaves fall.

The sad winds of autumn, strip the leaves and drown the flowers, block out the light and bury the ground with the first lay of snow. Our colourful coats and gloves and scarfs replace the colours in Nature, bonfires and fireworks light up the night skies.

I cherish those long November walks, my last goodbye to Autumn.